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Arguably, Mr. Gore is one of the foremost leaders in sustainability. A Nobel Peace Prize winner for disseminating information on man-made climate change, a director at Apple, Inc. since 1993, and one of the most notable individuals for environmental protection on the planet.

Printing 500 pages creates 15 pounds of CO2, consumes 50 gallons of water, and consumes 5 pounds of paper. I'm not here to criticize Mr. Gore for the piles of paper in his office, but imagine if Mr. Gore informed all who wish to contact him that he accepts no paper in the form of agendas, notices, reports, studies, etc.

Imagine further if those who contact him follow his lead and adopt the same practices with their colleagues. Imagine if all governments  by authority of the chief executive  banned paper in all meetings.

Imagine if YOU inform people you work with that you accept no paper for any kind of meeting you attend. Imagine if all governments hosted fillable forms on their websites, imagine if sustainability conferences worldwide used fillable forms for conference registrations.  Where would we be with eliminating paper waste , how much CO2 reduction would occur on the planet, how much water would be saved?