Forms eTips

This PDF document was written for Acrobat X. It's full of tips for forms designers and contains many copy/paste JavaScripts. Hopefully, I'll get around to updating it soon for Acrobat XI. There are new support features in Acrobat XI for Adobe Reader users such as spawning pages from templates and importing button icons. If you use the code in this tips file, your PDFs will work fine in Adobe Reader XI for spawning pages and importing images (PDFs only at this time).

File is a PDF Portfolio that is recommended for viewing in Acrobat 9 and above.

Download PDF 9.5MB

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Passwords file

The idea behind this file is using a convenient means for managing passwords. This PDF was created in Adobe LiveCycle Designer and dynamically spawns new fields when you need them. The file works in Adobe Reader as well as Acrobat.

You simply create a password to protect this file so only you can open it. When you open the file you record passwords for web sites, documents, and any material that supports password encryption. You can upload the file in the cloud via iCloud or Creative Cloud and access passwords for mobile, notebook, laptops and desktops whenever you travel.


Download PDF 550K