Using the Custom Calendars with Form Fields

Custom Calendars with Form Fields

The single month PDF Files you download from the Custom Calendars page contain Adobe PDF Form Fields. When you import the PDF documents in Photoshop Elements the form fields are lost.

You can however, keep the form fields intact by using a little workaround. You need Adobe Acrobat to complete the task.

1. Place a calender PDF document on a new blank page in Photoshop Elements.

2. Add images and backgrounds as desired and save the file as a PDF document.

3. Open the original PDF calendar file in Adobe Acrobat.

4. Click Tools in the Tools panel.

5. Click Pages in the Tools panel to open the Pages panel.

6. Click Replace.

7. The first window that opens prompts you to select the file for replacement. Navigate your hard drive and locate the new custom calendar you created in Photoshop Elements.

8. Click Select and the Replace Pages dialog box opens.

9. In the Replace Pages dialog box type the numbers of the pages you want to replace. If you use the single page template and you created custom calendars for all pages, just accept the defaults and click OK. If you edit the calendar one page at a time you'll want to replace individual pages.


Open original PDF Calendar              In Pages panel click Replace


Select pages to replace


Replaced page



Type text in the days sections for notes and reminders