Acrobat XI

The current revision to Acrobat is now Acrobat XI. Adobe Reader is now in version XI and should be downloaded by all those working with PDF files. The new version of Adobe Reader supports many new features such as:

The ability to save form data without the need for Acrobat users to enable the files.

Use of all comment and review tools without the need for enabling PDF documents.

Spawning pages from templates (see the Acrobat Tips for more on this feature).

Importing button icons. Although this feature is just limited to importing PDF files. We may see support for importing image files in a later release.

Saving workspaces. In Acrobat terms this is referred to as using Tool Sets.

Marvelous new revisions for exiting text in PDF files.

Many other additions and improvements such as converting PDFs to PowerPoint files, Office 365 integration, redesigned Action tools, integration, support for touch gestures, web mail integration, form enhancements, and more.


Working with Acrobat Users

Acrobat Users is a global resource for users of Acrobat and PDF, with free seminars, tips, tutorials, videos and discussion forums.

Check out some of the latest information, help, tutorials, videos, etc. at:

Acrobat Users logo and link to the Acrobat Users website




Download Adobe Reader

Be certain to download the free Adobe Reader XI software from Adobe's website.


LiveCycle Designer Users

If you use Adobe LiveCycle Designer be aware that Designer is no longer bundled with Acrobat on Windows. There is no free upgrade program currently available for acquiring Designer ES3.

Note that if you install Acrobat XI you will loose Designer on your machine. Take caution and read over all the options Adobe supports related to Designer ES3 and your upgrade/purchase options.

You can find out more about Designer ES3 at:


New Book on PDF Stamps

Thom Parker, arguably one of the world's best noted authorities on Acrobat JavaScript, has written a book on creating Stamps in Acrobat. The book was originally written for Acrobat X but contains solid information for Acrobat versions 7 through XI. Thom walks you through simple easy to design stamps through very sophisticated stamps with JavaScripts and complex designs. You'll be amazed at what you can do with Comment Stamps in Acrobat.

For more information about the book and where to purchase, visit Thom's website:

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe TV has amassed a series of videos to help users get started with new features, working with PDF forms, Acrobat Essentials, and much more. Check out the videos posted by Adobe engineers at: